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By August 2021 it’s clear that the entire concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is an enormous pump-and-dump scam, but that’s not stopping Disney and Marvel, who over the weekend released the dumbest, funniest piece of Spider-Man trash imaginable and watched people lining up around the block to pay real money for it.

Being very careful not to use the words “NFT” and “blockchain” in their own messaging, Disney and Marvel used an NFT platform—one that specialises in this shit, having sold stuff from DC Comics previously—to sell what they called both a “digital collectible” and a “digital statue”. In truth it was neither of those things, it was a crude 3D model of Spider-Man that released in five different poses, the cheapest of which sold for $40 while the “rarest” sold for $400.
The tweet advertising these items really, honestly said they were only available “while supplies last, and people buying them were seriously told that “delivery of the models would take up to two hours. And they sold out!
Here is what the cheapest one looks like.
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And here’s the most expensive:
Yup, same guy. If you’re wondering what, exactly, you can do with these digital statues NFTs, it’s pretty much nothing! The platform hosting them will let you drop them in a virtual gallery—think PlayStation Home, only with even fewer users—and they can also be used as AR objects on your phone. And that’s it! For up to $400!
The idea that these are limited is laughable. The idea that this is worth anything, let alone up to $400, is even funnier (Google drops this kind of stuff in its own AR app for free all the time). But we live in brainwormed times.
Please note that is more money than you would pay for an actual Hot Toys Spider-Man figure.


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