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Cryptocurrency investment is the latest fad among Gen-Z investors who have a super-solid risk appetite and seek high returns. Following the recent market correction, investors are looking for options that can reward them well. While the professional guidance for cryptocurrencies is limited, here are some experts from the crypto world sharing their top bets from the space.

Ethereum needs no introduction as it is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by way of market capitalization. Ishan Arora, Partner, Tykhe Block Ventures said it looks like Ethereum wants to test the levels of the 2017-18 cycle against the Bitcoin pair. “A lot of things are coming together for the cryptocurrency, including Layer 2 scaling solutions that intend to change the way we transact on Ethereum. The future looks bright for the settlement layer of the internet and one can look at it in the first quarter of 2022,” he added.

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform on the Ethereum blockchain that allows people to create and monetize content. The token has surged by over 4,000% in the last 12 months. According to Raj A Kapoor of India Blockchain Alliance, Decentraland intends to leverage the point that people are increasingly spending time in the virtual world for work, as well as, leisure. “There is a big addressable market and the Decentraland project seems to be moving in the right direction in terms of user growth and token price upside,” he said.

InSure claims to be the world’s first insurance ecosystem with stalking power. Its objective is to protect investors from scams, stolen funds and drastic devaluation of portfolios. “In order to provide insurance to the crypto portfolio, users need to purchase SURE tokens and apply for insurance. The insurance is enabled seven days after the SURE token is placed in the private wallet. inSure Defi is a community-based crypto asset insurance ecosystem, where users can insure their crypto-portfolio by buying SURE tokens with fiat and other cryptocurrencies,” Raj A Kapoor, Founder, India Blockchain Alliance said.

The front runner in the Layer 2 space for Ethereum is the project that was started in the heart of India in New Delhi, said Ishan Arora, Tykhe Block Ventures. “Matic has grown to be a unicorn in the crypto space and is currently the only live Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Matic which is an important part of the Ethereum scaling puzzle seems like a good pick for the upcoming months provided the market as whole maintains its structure,” he added.

This little-known cryptocurrency can be a great option for investors, said Raj A Kapoor, Founder, India Blockchain Alliance. With the global focus on clean energy, the crypto world may soon join the bandwagon. “Internet of Energy Network seems like an interesting pick with a strong use case. The project intends to use blockchain technology that will enable homes anywhere to function together as an intelligent, cooperative electricity system. Through this, Internet of Energy Network will create scalable mini-grids that will help in unlocking opportunities for more renewable energy within a small network,” he added.

Enjin is a pioneer of the NFT space on Ethereum, with its ERC-1155 contract that allows NFT’s to upgrade. “Many of the players use this contract for in-game characters and items. They have been working with Microsoft on a few projects including Minecraft the game. Enjin can be considered a bluechip token in the NFT infrastructure space and something to keep an eye on for the near future,” Ishan Arora, Partner, Tykhe Block Ventures recommended.

One of the challenges for investors in the world of cryptocurrency is rug pull, with Squid Token being the latest example. MarketMove (MOVE) aims to address this issue with AI-driven contract audits. In simple words, the platform will separate quality projects with strong use cases from purely speculative crypto projects, Raj A Kapoor, Founder, India Blockchain Alliance said. Further, this token may also prove to be a gamechanger as buying and selling on the decentralized exchange does not allow for limit orders or stop-loss orders, which this project looks to introduce, he added.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are an unregulated asset class. The trading of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Trading in them may not be suitable for all people. Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice. does not promote trading in cryptocurrencies.

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