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DeFi expert Jim Bianco joins Jared Blikre to break down an interesting year ahead on Wednesday, 1/12 at 2PM ET.
New Community-Focused Marketplace Supports Artists in Creating, Minting and Selling NFTs.
TORONTO, Dec. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BobaMint Co. ("The Company") today announced the launch of the first of its Web 3.0 properties, NFT marketplace MintMyPiece.

Built by artists, for artists, MintMyPiece is the digital art marketplace of the future, providing a community-focused NFT platform that supports artists in their transition to digital. With a focus on the street art community, MintMyPiece puts the power back in each artist's hands, with user-friendly technology that makes it quick and easy to create, mint and sell work. MintMyPiece offers a community-focused approach, with an emphasis on education and support for NFT artists, buyers, and fans.
“MintMyPiece represents a new era in the creation, selling and buying of NFTs, by providing user-friendly technology, education and support to allow every artist to easily transition to digital,” said Jordan Rodger, Chief Executive Office, BobaMint Co. “It’s important to us that artists are empowered and in control of their work. That’s why BobaMint Co. will continue developing technology and tools that put artists and content creators first.”
MintMyPiece executed a large launch activation at Art Basel, Miami Beach, December 2-5, 2021. To support artist growth, MintMyPiece engaged in a number of events, across multiple exhibitions, onboarding new artists to its marketplace, while engaging and onboarding art fans and collectors interested in purchasing NFTs.
MintMyPiece will continue its aggressive growth, using a robust influencer marketing program with influential artists in the street art space. The Company has already seen fantastic success, signing initial contracts with a number of top artists including Vhils, El Xupet Negre, Chamerelli and Golden. These artists will be part of MintMyPiece's first collaborations, with expected release dates in early Q1 2022.
Artists and collectors can join the community now at
About BobaMint Co.
BobaMint Co. is a technology company focused on content creation and digital ownership, providing content creators with the tools to implement digital ownership and create leading edge digital media.
BobaMint Co. believes the impact of NFTs on user created content could prove to be the most important technological advancement in the monetization of the internet. User created content is fundamental to the success of social media platforms. New technologies, including digital assets and NFTs, are providing content creators control over their digital works. Social media platforms are beginning to incorporate these technologies, but most content creators don’t yet have the tools to implement them. By providing platforms and services that facilitate the creation of leading-edge digital media and securing ownership of digital content, BobaMint Co. is empowering the next generation of content creators.
Learn more at
Jordan Rodger, CEO

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