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It feels like all everyone did was blink, and all of a sudden, cryptocurrency is everywhere. It’s all over the internet. It’s suddenly a mode of payment in different online and physical stores. It has even found its way into gaming, fashion, and even music.
Now that crypto seems like it is everywhere, it won’t be a surprise if it has somehow caught your attention and fueled some curiosity in you. Crypto can be daunting and intimidating at first so if you are planning to get into it, there are actually crypto YouTube channels that you can subscribe to learn the ins and outs of crypto.
Believe it or not, even long-time crypto traders and experts can still learn a thing or two from these YouTube channels.
But before we start listing down these crypto YouTube channels, let us first define what cryptocurrency is. According to Investopedia, cryptocurrency is “a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.”
Crypto is fungible, meaning a Bitcoin, for example, can be exchanged or traded for another Bitcoin.
Speaking of Bitcoin, it is probably the most popular cryptocurrency out there. Bitcoin is also often considered the first crypto. Other examples of cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, Litecoin, and XRP. There are also different types of cryptocurrency as well.
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You can find multiple crypto-focused channels on YouTube, but these come as highly recommended for anyone into crypto.

Benzinga calls Benjamin Cowen the “best cryptocurrency YouTuber for technical analysis.” Benjamin Cowen’s analysis can be highly technical, so if you are the type to be easily overwhelmed by numbers, you may find all the information very intimidating at first.
However, if you are after the data science behind the crypto market, he is your guy. He provides an unbiased look at the market and does his best to explain the topic he is discussing in a way that newbies can easily understand at crypto.

If you want to focus on Bitcoin, DataDash is one of the crypto YouTube channels you should subscribe to, according to CryptoWeekly. DataDash has regular updates about Bitcoin, including analysis, news, and comparisons.
You can also expect to find content on trading tips as well as other technical aspects of the cryptocurrency market.

Ivan on Tech is hosted by Swedish YouTuber Ivan Liljeqvist, who is considered one of the best-known crypto personalities on YouTube. The software developer’s YouTube channel is one of the best crypto YouTube channels to check out if you want to learn how crypto and its different examples work.
His content focuses on crypto news as well as “insights into political shifts and crypto industry changes that affect the markets,” according to CryptoWeekly.
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Written by Isabella James
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