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In season one, episode 9 of The Simpsons, “Life on the Fast Lane,” Homer buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday. This isn’t a present that Marge needed, nevertheless it’s one thing that Homer clearly wishes. The episode (which is 32 years outdated!) struck a chord with girls in every single place, who’ve been given a present by their husband/boyfriend that was clearly a present the giver needed. And very similar to the spouse within the infamous Peloton ad, girls throughout the land have spent many a birthday or vacation grimacing whereas pretending to love stated reward.
The newest iteration of this age-old story involves us from the fantastic bounty that’s the AITA Reddit page. Within the story, a girl asks AITA relating to her response to her fiancée’s Christmas reward:
Oh my god, Dave
— kerry xmas (says your textual content message) (@spiraltastic) January 1, 2022

The girl writes, “Dave handed me his phone. I looked and thought I was going to see a track package page for the bag. Instead, all I saw was an art picture of a monkey that was suppose to look like me. I asked him what this was, and he said that was my gift! He then started explaining to me how he had gotten into investing earlier this year and had saved up to by it for me. He then showed his family who were just as flabbergasted as I was. I asked him how much money did he “invest” on this. He stated 8k.”
So to recap, she needed a handbag, and he as a substitute spent $8,000 DOLLARS on a Bored Ape NFT?! NOT GREAT, DAVE! And what’s worse, not solely is that this a silly and inconsiderate reward, however as is talked about within the publish and other people have identified on Twitter, it manages to be racist as nicely. She deserves SO MUCH greater than Dave’s ignorant ass.
Naturally, Dave’s “gift” didn’t go over nicely, and the AITA publish rapidly went viral:
You purchase me a gotdamn monkey NFT as a substitute of the reward I needed that price a fraction of what you paid for that raggedy NFT and that I might have been pleased with, we breaking apart
Not solely are you dangerous with cash, however you’re additionally a horrible listener and a lil racist.
— a benevolent magnificence. (@ElleWCarter) January 2, 2022

“I wanted a popular bag worth probably $30 that costs $200, and my fiancee spent $8-mfing-grand on a jpeg worth $0.47. AITA?”
I don’t know who the asshole is, however your fiancee is an fool.
Simply purchase the bag that may make her completely satisfied and save the opposite $7.8k in index shares, Dave
— Neighborhood Mod Male (@justlogannye) January 3, 2022

Oh man. We knew it was going to occur. Tech bro purchased his girlfriend an NFT for Xmas when she requested for a handbag. However, she’s black; he’s white, AND he bought her a Monkey NFT that “looks like her.” The racism. The stupidity. It’s an excessive amount of.
— d_S (@dirty_snowflake) January 1, 2022

I’m wondering what number of different individuals broke up with their S/Os this 12 months as a result of they both acquired an NFT as a present or as a result of they spent a lot cash on an NFT.
— ⌁ luke jones ⌁ (@lukejones) January 2, 2022

Proper this second, as you learn this, there are marriages disintegrating whereas the husband makes an attempt to clarify what an NFT is to his spouse, who very clearly requested for one thing else.
— Elizabeth Sandifer (@ElSandifer) December 25, 2021

There’s been no replace on the Christmas fallout, however I hope for her sake that this lady will get the purse she needed and a model new boyfriend for 2022, as a result of Dave is absolute rubbish.
(picture: Bored Ape Yacht Membership)
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