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By Corey Herscu: Director, Growth, VerbFactory
The crypto space has exploded in the past five years. We've seen record highs for several cryptocurrencies, the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFT), and new and innovative uses for Blockchain technology. On top of all that, the mainstream media's coverage of the sector would have been unimaginable ten years ago. It has gotten to the point that even major companies like Tesla, AT&T, and Starbucks accept crypto for purchases. 
There also seem to be new companies entering the space and new tokens being minted on a near-daily basis. But, for any operation, getting the word out or coverage by the media or influencers can be a monumental challenge. While there are no guarantees to generate interest, here are some tips to increase the odds that a new venture gets some attention.
Find your story
Journalists and influencers are frequently inundated with press releases and potential pitches from companies and organizations in our hyper-connected world. It is difficult to catch their eyes, let alone interest them enough to write about something or look for more detail. But the best way to grab their attention is to have a compelling story or pitch. Really honing in on your “X factor”. Developing this can take time, and it might need to be refined. You need to give the journalist or influencer a reason to be interested in this venture. If it's an NFT sale, what is the actionable utility? Will some of the proceeds go to helping with disaster relief or the environment? Was the new cryptocurrency startup founded by someone of note, or do they have an interesting background? Finding the right hook could give the journalist a reason to look more into the story.
Know your industry
It's vital to stay up-to-date about the latest news for whatever sector you are working in. Knowing the comings and goings of key people, new product launches, and controversies can help tailor what type of coverage you are looking for. It can also help you know which media or people cover this sector. 
Know who you're pitching
As mentioned, journalists and influencers are bombarded with pitches. But, nothing is less effective than pitching the wrong person. You must do your homework before contacting anyone to ensure they cover a sector you are operating in. If you're selling an art NFT, there is little chance that a sports columnist would be interested. There are exceptions. For example, if a major sporting figure was selling the NFT, the sports columnist might be appropriate to pitch. While researching the journalist, look at what type of stories they've worked on, which media outlets they work for, and make sure they still cover these topics. 
Don't spam people
It can be frustrating to pitch a journalist and hear nothing back. However, you need to read the room and have patience; wait a few days to give them a chance to review your information before attempting to contact them again. One of the worst things you can do is repeatedly email or call them, hoping to get an answer. While this persistence might seem like a good idea, remember that journalists are busy producing and tracking down stories. By constantly nagging them, there is a greater chance that they will block your emails or ignore pitches out of spite. 
Don't get discouraged
You could have the greatest pitch or product, but that does not mean you will get coverage. The media is under no obligation to cover your story, no matter how much effort you put into crafting it. While it can be frustrating, there are several reasons. The journalist could be focusing on a different part of the sector or has deadlines that won't allow them to devote the time necessary to cover your product. That doesn't mean they will never cover your company or product, so you should try again. The path to getting attention is frequently not straight and smooth but bumpy and full of curves.
It is not easy getting the media's attention. Most outlets have fewer journalists covering more stories, making it even harder to garner some interest. But, following these tips could help boost your product or company's chances of getting some press.
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