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Today, a new NFT platform designed to showcase the most innovative and iconic artists on the blockchain announced its official launch with the minting of its first inaugural artist. Whether it’s an artist’s debut NFT collection, or an established creator’s next brilliant masterpiece, House of First is a platform for cultivating and uplifting the most compelling voices and extraordinary talent in the Metaverse.
House of First is led by a global team with a shared passion for uniting the worlds of technology, art, and community. The debut collection by award-winning British artist Ian Murray, makes history as both the artist's debut NFT collection and the “first-ever” collection minted on the platform. Aptly named “The Everyones”, this collection uses bold graphic mid-century-tinged visual language to create one-of-a-kind characters with a sense of warmth and quirky nostalgia. Minting for this historic launch begins on December 14th and will provide priority access to super-exclusive limited NFT drops, VIP privileges at events, special metaverse perks, and more.
“With a singular mission focused on pioneering historic Firsts in the world of NFTs, we are the premier destination for debut collections. House of First is a community for the bold, the visionary, the pathbreakers, artists, and dreamers – those who aspire, celebrate, and cherish being First," shared Founder, Zeev Klein.
In conjunction with the platform’s launch, the team announced the addition of Richard Entrup as a Strategic Advisor. Formerly with Verizon, Christie’s, Disney/ABC, Time Warner, The Museum of Modern Art, Viacom, and Tiffany & Company, Entrup led the first blockchain-based auction, an augmented reality virtual hang app, predictive analytics and computer vision apps using AI/ML, online mobile bidding during a live auction, and in 2018, helped launched the inaugural Christie’s Art & Tech Conference, which was focused on Blockchain and AI art and where NFTs were first introduced to the traditional art world.
Following the launch of its first collection this December, House of First will be unveiling new featured artists approximately once a month, providing members with exclusive, early access to remarkable art, new artists and unique collections, exclusive merchandise, unparalleled collaborations, and real-world events and experiences focused on a truly inclusive and vibrant global community.
About House of First
House of First is home to the new, novel, and noteworthy. The ultimate partner to collectors and creators for discovering and spotlighting firsts, it represents the connection between art, blockchain, and culture. Composed of a seasoned team of front and back-end developers, curators, marketing, partnerships, and community leads, House of First distinguishes itself with a focus on community, collector experience, and high-quality standards for aesthetic execution and cultural significance by featuring historic, iconic, and scarce NFT masterpieces. Additionally, through the platform’s NFT Launchpad it provides brands, creators, and institutions white-label access to best in class technology, strategy, and creative services to achieve your Metaverse dreams.
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