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Let’s buy some art on the internet’s most popular NFT marketplace.
OpenSea is the premiere NFT marketplace where anyone with a crypto wallet can buy and sell anything from high-brow photographs and portraits of mutant apes to tokenized rare Pokémon cards and electronic music. What more could you want?
While the blockchain technology behind NFT trading can seem complicated, getting set up on OpenSea and exploring the platform is about as easy as creating an account on any other website.
Assuming you already have a crypto wallet like Metamask set up, connecting it to OpenSea and building an account is a breeze.
OpenSea will prompt you to connect with a wallet immediately. If you’ve got a wallet like MetaMask installed, signing in is almost instant.
Now you’re ready to roll and can explore the OpenSea marketplace with your wallet full of currency, ready to make some offers on one-of-a-kind artworks.
There are two options for sellers listing NFTs on OpenSea — they can set a fixed price for an NFT or set up an auction where any number of buyers can make offers on an NFT (they can also use both options, similar to eBay). We’re going to walk you through both types of purchases.
Some NFTs are going to have an auction option. This gives sellers a chance to set a minimum price threshold and pit buyers against each other. The process for making an offer is quite simple.
Whether you’re flipping an NFT you just purchased or putting up an NFT you created, selling NFTs on OpenSea is pretty straightforward.
These are the basics of buying and selling NFTs on OpenSea. Obviously, the more you get into trading NFTs on this marketplace, you might have more specific questions. Luckily, OpenSea has a fantastic help center on its site with plenty of answers to FAQs and tutorials.


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