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Even if you have no idea of what a non-fungible token actually is, you can actually have your own listed on an open marketplace by the end of this short course.

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NFTs are all the rage, but it can be hard to put together all the information online into a cohesive explanation of exactly what non-fungible tokens are and how you can make a profitable one of your own. Well, no need to worry any longer because How To Create Your First NFT: The Beginner’s Guide will get you started, and it happens to be available at the moment for only $19.99.
In just 25 minutes of content covering NFTs, crypto, and minting, you will learn how to own your own art as you register it on an open marketplace. The eight lectures will teach you what an NFT is and why you need one. You will also get a good look at one. You will learn what NFT task or project you can do, as well as how to create one.
During the course, you will be able to see your crypto wallet and token. Best of all, you will actually be able to list your own artwork. Minting your NFT establishes your work as legally yours, and registering it protects your rights to it as its original artist. It’s all quite easy to do, which is what this course will demonstrate.
Instructor Benjamin Wilson offers this course, a marketing innovator and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. Students really like his teaching; they’ve awarded him an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. And verified purchaser Chiew W. says: “This is a course that’s made easy for the novice to appreciate this new world of NFT quickly and how one can get to participate in it.”
With so many things out of our control affecting our lives over the last couple of years, it’s time to take control of the things we can. You can become fit without an expensive gym membership and jump on the NFT trend while it’s hot.
So don’t pass up this opportunity to learn how to get started with NFTs; grab How To Create Your First NFT: The Beginner’s Guide now while it’s available for only $19.99.
Prices are subject to change.
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