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Wemade is ringing in the new year with its Special MIR4 Global New Year’s Event. The hit blockchain-based mobile title is keeping up the festivities in the MMORPG with new Boss Raid content and a new region to boot.
In MIR4, players can expect to explore the new region of Phantasia as well as fresh character NFTs on December 21st. In particular, Epic Challenge Incense Burner Box, Socks of Wishes (with Magic Square tickets, Secret Peak tickets), and Cordials are up for grabs throughout the holiday event.
From December 28th onwards, players will be able to participate in a hunting event for two weeks where they can acquire Wish Letters from monster hunts in the MIR continent. These can be swapped for Enhancement Stones and Blue Dragon Statues as rewards.
As for the new region of Phantasia, players will be able to explore the Phantasia Desert, Ant Hole, Sabuk Province, and Sabuk Castle Underground Jail along with new quests and missions in the area. The maximum level limit will also be increased to 130, and the Tower of Conquest maximum stage levels to stage 17.
In addition, the winter update will add three Inner Forces (Violet Mist Art, Northern Profound Art, and Toad Stance), a new mystery (Bok Yangjeo), Boss Raid “Forsaken King”, Boss Raid “Crimson Dragon Nest”, and Clan Expedition “Blue Thunder Dragon”.
Finally, a new NFT exchange will be launched on December 21st that allows for safe and secure player-to-player trades. If you’re keen on joining in on the festivities, you can download MIR4 on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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