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Nervos selects Pastel to add layers of security that will prevent rug pulls, data losses, scams, and duplications common in the NFT space.
An open-source blockchain ecosystem and a suite of interoperable protocols, Nervos Network, has entered a partnership with Pastel, revealing its ambition to grow its presence in the NFT space.
As a result of teaming up with the first fully dedicated and decentralized blockchain for NFTs, Nervos will be integrating Pastel’s ‘Sense’ and ‘Cascade’ protocols into the ecosystem.
“For current and future NFT platforms on the Nervos Network, this means that NFTs will be minted with permanent, lossless storage and certifiable rareness,” Pastel co-founder Anthony Georgiades told CryptoSlate.
Pastel’s protocols to be implemented by Nervos include Sense, a near-duplicate detection system for NFTs, and Cascade, a robust on-chain NFT storage solution. 
Pastel’s Sense protocol is designed to assess the relative rareness of a given NFT against near-duplicate metadata and protect NFT creators, collectors, buyers, and sellers from copyright infringements and scams.
“For new users entering the space, this would be hugely beneficial. The world of NFTs can appear daunting from afar, so knowing that what you are purchasing is proveably rare gives users a huge confidence boost,” commented Georgiades.
Meanwhile, Pastel’s Cascade protocol is built to offer permanent storage for NFTs, aimed to combat rug pulls, NFT disappearances, data losses, and manipulation.
“Now think about what the NFT space would look like with a robust, sustainable storage protocol. Currently, storage solutions rely on individuals to maintain the data that is being stored. Once that maintenance is dropped, the NFT data is lost,” added Georgiades, explaining how Cascade combats these issues by leveraging “lossless storage.”
“The NFT space is ripe with opportunity, but few projects are addressing the security and storage issues in the industry. With its innovative technologies, Pastel is solving many of these challenges and truly protecting users and digital assets on NFT dApps,” said Nervos co-founder Kevin Wang. 
The announcement comes off the heels of Pastel’s recent partnership with TomoChain, reflecting a growing demand for its unique infrastructure solutions for NFTs.
Happy to support @PastelNetwork on the #Sense & #Cascade protocols! 🚀 We look forward to seeing the future success of yours within the #crypto space! 💪
— TomoChain (@TomoChainANN) December 30, 2021

Nervos users can now participate on NFT platforms hosted in the ecosystem with added layers of security –whether they are minting or purchasing NFTs. 
“As more and more users in the NFT space realize how important this added security is, Nervos will already be one step ahead,” concluded Georgiades.
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