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If you’ve been following cryptocurrency trends, you may have heard of the OpenSea NFT marketplace. You would have eventually come across non-fungible tokens, digital media that people rave about nowadays. Most people see them as promising investments, while artists see them as easier to earn money from their craft.
After hearing this, you may have become interested, so now you’re looking for more details about NFTs. That search would have eventually led you to the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. However, you probably didn’t want to test the waters immediately, so you looked for a guide. Fortunately, this article has all you need to know!


Let’s start by explaining what NFTs are and how they work. Afterward, we’ll talk more about the OpenSea platform and its features. Once you know the basics, we’ll show the steps to creating, buying, and selling your first OpenSea NFTs. What’s more, we will explain how you can explore this marketplace safely.
This is an NFT.
The term stands for “non-fungible tokens,” pieces of digital media with ownership tied to the blockchain. You will have a unique signature on a crypto network despite numerous copies.
You may compare it to owning the original Mona Lisa. Google Images can show you thousands of images, yet yours stands above them. Would you print and hang those in your living room?
Most people would prefer displaying the original because Leonardo Da Vinci painted it. Similarly, your NFT is unique because of its signature on the network.
People often think of “art” when NFTs come to mind. After all, the first one was a digital image called Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Mike Winkelmann, a.k.a. “Beeple.”


It drew public attention after it sold for a whopping $69,346,250. Artists saw it as a way to earn from their work, and celebrities took advantage by launching NFTs themselves.
NFTs aren’t just artworks because Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet using this form. What’s more, it brought games that let players earn while playing.
The most popular NFT game right now is Axie Infinity. Players earn crypto tokens called Small Love Potions (SLPs) that they can exchange for regular money.


We have probably covered your reason for learning about NFTs. Your goal will eventually lead you to the NFT marketplaces, especially the biggest one: OpenSea.
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This is the OpenSea NFT marketplace.
Its About Us page says it’s the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In other words, most people buy, sell, and create NFTs here.
OpenSea hosts millions of non-fungible tokens from various artists and creators. As we said, it’s not just art, so here are the other forms of OpenSea NFTs:
OpenSea isn’t the only NFT marketplace, but it remains the most popular right now. One of the reasons is that it charges lower fees than other platforms.
What’s more, OpenSea doesn’t store NFTs, and it only connects buyers and sellers, and money and NFTs will only swap hands once the transactions are verified.
This means there’s no way that hackers could take your NFTs or funds by breaching the platform. You’ll be keeping those on your crypto wallet, such as MetaMask.
This looks like Everydays: The First 500 Days
After hearing about low costs and high security, you’re probably wondering how to make your first entry on the platform. Follow the steps below:

Be serious about creating your profile. People may not buy from you if your profile looks sketchy or if it fails to catch attention. Afterward, you can start making your first NFT:
These are options on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.
Now that you have your first NFT, it’s time to sell it. OpenSea connects you to potential customers and posts price listings. Here’s how you can do it:
Of course, you could buy OpenSea NFTs yourself with the following steps:
Important safety tips.
— OpenSea (@opensea) September 29, 2021

The OpenSea platform is a free and wide platform where people worldwide may freely share their work. Unfortunately, scammers may take advantage of this freedom.
The OpenSea team always looks over the platform, but fraudsters may sometimes slip past. This is why it released a blog post about safely buying NFTs:

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Similar to OpenSea, we advise that you look into NFTs yourself. We are just informing you about the platform, but it’s up to you whether you’ll try it or not.
Make sure you’re aware of the risks you face when buying and selling NFTs. More importantly, only use the money you’re willing to lose.
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