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If you want to join the new goldrush for NFT, you’ll need a spot in an NFT marketplace to buy, display and store your digital assets.
NFT marketplaces are the potential Amazon shopping malls of the metaverse.
A marketplace lets you browse what’s on offer, keep with the latest news and trends and act as a safe place to keep and display your NFT collection.
Dozens of NFT marketplaces are out there. Many serve niche genres.
Raelic is one of the new breeds of NFT marketplaces that also opens the door to a unique NFT online social media community.
First, you need to decide why you want an app like Raelic that acts as a key to the door that opens a wondrous NFT (Non-FungibleToken) universe.
You might want to dabble in trading NFTs or show them in your gallery or spend some time immersed in art, culture and collectables with like-minded people.
You can find just about anything digital on an NFT marketplace, but you must match the coins and tokens in your digital wallet with those the Raelic marketplace accepts.
Although Raelic is a vehicle for acquiring, selling and holding NFTs, you should check out the app’s security and if any issues have been reported.
Top of your to-do list is that Raelic is in beta test and likely to suffer code changes and bugs.
Raelic is a versatile app that bridges the gap between social media, online store and a place to display your NFT collection:
The guys behind the scenes at Raelic have developed an algorithm that bases your NFT feed on your postings within the app and those by the people you follow, who can be creators, buyers or friends or followers.
The feed lets you see the latest NFTs from the friends and brands you follow, while a background analysis feed offers marketing and activity insights within the app. The algorithm analyses your performance and suggests projects based on who has liked, followed or bought from you.
Think of Raelic as the Facebook of NFT apps with a bolted-n marketplace.
Raelic’s main focus is multigenre, spreading across music, sport, gaming and art.
Android and iOS versions of Raelic are available in beta test mode.
NFT stands for non-fungible token and refers to a one-of-a-kind digital asset, like an image or video clip. Because the asset is digital and only lives on the internet, ownership is proved via a blockchain. As the asset is unique and intangible, others can own copies, but only one person owns the original. The digital tokens a collector pays for the NFT become certificates of ownership listed on a blockchain.
Dozens of apps have the same capabilities as Raelic, including:
Minting is the NFT term for creating a unique asset.
Minting NFTs follows several steps:
The process is similar each marketplace app, but varies slightly between platforms.
Who can put a price on art? Some NFTs are worthless, while others are priceless, just like physical art in the real world.
Beeple has seen his work sell for a record $69 million at auction house Christies.
Who knows what the future for NFTs holds. All investments come with risk that the buyer finds acceptable or not.
Even Beeple suggests NFTs are a bubble and that investors could lose their money.
Beeple and others slam ‘crypto-grifters’ who try to recycle worthless assets into something of value.
“These are the same guys who’ve always been at it, trying to come up with a new form of worthless magic bean that they can sell for money,” said the artist.
You buy the right of ownership and copyright over a digital asset with an NFT. With that right, you can publish or distribute the asset as you like.
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