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Rarible is a popular NFT marketplace and it released its first mobile app quite recently. For now, it is still only available on iOS. In its latest update, it got a possibility to create NFTs with lazy mint. This means that your NFT art can be placed to the auction for free and the buyer would have to pay the mint price.
This option can be accessed from the home tab via a plus button. However, you still won’t be able to put your NFTs on sale from the app for now.
Christmas special 🎅🏻: minting is now available within iOS app! And it’s free ✨

Download the app here:

Thread on how it works 👇🏻
Rarible is operated by a DAO (Decentralised autonomous organisation). In case if you are an Android dev, you can grab some $RARI tokens and join Rarible DAO to help them build its Android app. Please do 😋
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