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SpacePort NFT Game
(Photo : Screenshot taken from SpacePort’s Twitter)

With all the NFT games available online, the whole thing could be pretty overwhelming and daunting to players, especially first-timers. You’ve got “Axie Infinity,” “Gods Unchained,” “Splinterlands,” and many more games to choose from. 
If you are new to NFT gaming, the sometimes complicated game mechanics and economic systems in NFT games can be pretty confusing too. Why not start with a simple, straightforward game first then?
If you are looking for a relatively simple NFT game that will let you play to earn, “SpacePort” is an NFT game you should check out. 
“SpacePort” is an NFT game that has “brought classic arcade gaming to the blockchain space,” according to an article by Play to Earn. Per the “SpacePort” website, the game is paired with the Binance Smart Chain via the SpacePort Coin (SPC).
What makes “SpacePort” different from some of the NFT games gamers are already enjoying is that “SpacePort” is an example of a play-to-earnNFT  game. Players, according to the article, can earn up to 20% of their holdings every day. 
Another example of a play-to-earn NFT game is “My DeFi Pet.”
As far as gameplay is concerned, “SpacePort” is an arcade-inspired shooter game where the objective is to defeat enemies. Players in the game control a spaceship that they use to shoot down foes. 
Players have to shoot multiple enemies in a row to increase their combo. That, in turn, will multiply the score of the player. Players can then earn SPC tokens based on their score. 
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You do not have to be an SPC holder in order to play “SpacePort.” Non-SPC holders can play the game and even win the daily jackpot. There is, however, a catch. Non-SPC holders can only win the jackpot if they have the highest score of the day. 
A benefit of being an SPC holder is that players who are SPC holders can also earn NFTs when they get high scores in the game. 
If you feel rather skeptical about a game, maybe a player’s “SpacePort” experience can encourage you to check the game out. 
A video uploaded on YouTube by a user named Crypto Expat shows how the uploader earned $28 in two hours by playing “SpacePort.” The video also serves as a guide to the game that new players in particular can find useful. 
Crypto Expat encourages players to hold their tokens as “you can multiply your earnings and earn more as the game’s revenue is generated from taxes from the liquidity exchange.”
“SpacePort” players have also been sharing their experiences as well as tips and tricks on Reddit. A player and Reddit user who goes by the name christmas-horse said, “So far, turned $40 into $120 in 3 days of playing and holding.”
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Written by Isabella James
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