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Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images
NBA icon Steph Curry is the latest sports star to move into the world of NFTs, but how can you buy one from his 2974 collection? When are they released and how much do they cost?
Days after finally surpassing Ray Allen’s three-pointer record in the NBA, Steph Curry has dived into the world of NFTs.
Non-fungible tokens are used to take digital works of art and transform into unique one-of-a-kind collectibles on blockchain.
There has been a surge in their popularity in recent times, with soccer players, sports teams and even some championships – such as Formula One – offering NFTs to fans.
Curry is the latest with his 2974 Collection.
He is selling off 2974 unique NFTs, celebrating each one of his three-pointers in the NBA.
But how can you buy one? When are they released and how much do they cost?
According to Curry’s 2974 Collection website, there is a four-step process to buying a Steph Curry NFT.
Surreal… thrilled to announce my first-ever NFT with The 2974 Collection. 2,974 pieces came to life w/ the help of two special artists, @a_mcdonald17 & @FloydNormanDoc, and a whole lot of hard work. A historic moment, all benefitting @eatlearnplay 🙌🏽💯
The 2974 Collection is due to go live at 9pm ET on Monday, 20th December.
Steph Curry NFTs are not able to be purchased before that time.
The cost of one of the 2,974 NFTs is $499.
There is a limit on three per customer to ensure fairness.
As part of each NFT sold, buyers will receive one of four special sketches.
These are made out of the number 2974.
Each NFT that is mined will also receive a illustration from Disney’s first African-American animator – Floyd Norman.
All proceeds raised from Steph Curry’s NFT auction will be given to charity and projects Curry works with.

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