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Who needs free to play when you can play to earn.
Over the past few years, most of the planet has become familiar with cryptocurrencies. These alternative sources of value or payment methods are also divided into different subcategories and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of them.
Once a person owns an NFT, only they have the rights to that item, artwork, or whatever that NFT represents. While artists and content creators mostly used the NFT technology at first, it didn’t take long for the gaming world to notice its potential.
Games with play-to-earn models started swarming the market, but only the best of them stood out from the competition. Most of these titles made their debut with their utility and governance tokens, which are also core parts of their gameplay experience. NFT titles redefine progressing through a game since each player’s experience will be unique and they may even make money while playing the game of their choice.
The following games are the most popular NFT titles. New NFT titles become available almost every day, though, increasing the level of competition on the market.
Here are the best NFT video games.
Over the summer, Axie Infinity became the holy grail of NFT gaming. Though the game was already relatively popular in Google and Apple’s App Stores, it suddenly became the hottest NFT game after its governance token, Axis Infinity Shard (AXS), increased in value by almost 5,333 percent.
The game resembles Pokémon a bit since players get to breed and collect digital pets named Axies. All of these pets are NFT-based, which makes them unique and different from each other. 
All Axies come with strengths and weaknesses, and these specialties will be genetically transferred to Axies’ offspring, turning breeding them into a real challenge. Most players will often be after that Axie with the perfect specialties so they can take on other players in PvP battles.
The game’s second in-game currency, Smooth Love Potion (SLP), can be earned by completing quests, battles, or adventures. SLP can also be purchased off of crypto exchanges and it’s mainly used for breeding Axies.
Before NFT gaming became more popular, most card games were already practicing the core principles of the sector.
Splinterlands is a trading card game with a play-to-earn model where winning matches results in players receiving rewards. While Splinterlands is free to play, you’ll need to make one or two necessary deposits to speed up your journey. The game’s in-game currency, Splintershards, is listed on a few exchanges and there are daily quests that reward players with Splitershards upon completion.
Players will be required to assemble decks with different combinations to complete some of the challenges. There are also in-game tournaments that players can join for a chance to earn even more rewards.
Gods Unchained is a free-to-play NFT card game. Players will need to purchase cards from other players to complete their collection or win PvP matches to have access to more cards.
Considering the game’s developers include some of the former directors of Magic: The Gathering, Gods Unchained also possesses the highest chance of breaking into the esports scene. Card games tend to be quite competitive at higher levels and Gods Unchained checks all the boxes to potentially become the first NFT-based esports title.
Each card in the game is backed with an ERC-721 token, meaning players can trade them on the game’s marketplace or open markets. If players decide to sell their cards in the game, they’ll only be able to get paid in the game’s native token, GODS.
CryptoBlades is a unique web-based NFT game that uses the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. In CryptoBlades, players get to acquire a maximum of four characters and gear them up by completing raids or various tasks.
To mint or create new characters, players are required to use the game’s token, SKILL. This native currency is also used to forge and reforge weapons, which can be sold on the CryptoBlades marketplace.
While each player is limited to holding a maximum of four characters, there isn’t a limit on the number of weapons players can have on their accounts. If you’re looking to add a new character to your roster, you’ll need to sell one of your existing ones in the game’s marketplace.
Binamon is another adventure-style NFT game. Players get to control a single character in Binamon with a standard set of controls. They can advance through levels by defeating enemies and the game provides a series of attack options when encountering an adversary. 
Winning will yield more points, but there’s a small barrier of entry. To kickstart your journey in Binamon, you’ll need to purchase your first character. You can do so by buying booster packs with the game’s native currency, BMON. It’s also possible to acquire individual characters, but you’ll need to visit the game’s Discord and check if there are any available characters.
Some NFT gaming projects capitalized on the level of success of some cryptocurrencies over the past year and paved the way for more developers to come up with even more amazing projects. While almost all NFT gaming projects try to deliver their roadmap in time, there will be ones that struggle due to low funding or a lack of players. This means that if you’re picking up a relatively new NFT gaming project and plan to invest real-life money to give yourself an advantage, make sure to only invest amounts that you’re comfortable with not getting back.
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