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The Novatar is a new NFT project to bring a new meta identity and gate-pass to a virtual existence in all Metaverses. A new launch in the NFT space, The Novatar features a limited collection of 25,000 Avatars with no extras to be created.

The 25,000 NFT Novatars are all newborns, freshly generated with each being unique in its way with variations of race, color, facial features, and expressions.
The working mechanism that blockchain technology provides follows that newborn baby avatars can age after minted. This gives avatar owners the option to choose when to “age” their babies and have them develop into adults. Throughout the process of aging, the avatars retain the genes they had at birth while developing new ones.

A baby Novatar will present 9 basic genes. This means that the 9 genes are mandatory. As the Novatar grows into an adult, however, the number of genes grows to 14, out of which 10 are basic while the remaining 4 are optional,
In regards to baby avatars, every gene presents 6 different variations while for adults there are 11 variations for individual genes with an exception for the genes that code for skin, hair, eyes, and the color of their eyebrows.
The innovation behind Novatar follows the principle that NFT avatars will convert from being a baby to being an adult while bearing the features of adult life. Among these attributes include style, gender, and having a profession.
There are only 25K Novatars on the Novatar platform ready for representing a person in virtual or real-life events. These Novatars are unique and non-identical with different variations like facial expressions and features, racial differences, and skin color variations.
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