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NFT games have reached their peak this year, as more investors and gamers found another source of income on them. With the era of digital assets in the form of coins, collectibles, and more, the possibility of earning money is no longer beyond your reach.
Blockchain technology continues to expand its service from gaming to the art industry.
Even so, several markets are encouraging people to invest in NFT-based games that offer unique tokens, features, and methods of buying, selling, and trading in-game items for cryptocurrencies.
If you have played “Axie Infinity,” “Plant vs Undead,” “Splinterlands,” and other blockchain games, you have so much to look forward to as you head to 2022.
So far, here are the best NFT games that you need to watch next year.
NFT players have a new game to play next year in the form of “Polygonum.” If you love survival simulation titles, you will surely like the mechanics of this game. With its official token known as the POG coin, you can buy and trade in-game items and mine coins, build regions, and create communities.
According to The Island Now, this is the first cross-platform DeFi game that features crypto and NFT marketplace. To add, “Polygonum” is easy to play, and you can get shooting skills through its mechanics and manageable UI.
In addition, you can explore three primary zones here, including FARM (farming), PVP (competitive battle), and PVE (hunting and exploring). All in all, you can travel across this world to loot resources, fish, and construct powerful defenses against enemies.

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The touch of a metaverse in the first Solana-based game will tour you to a vast world of machine learning and AI. As you collect money by joining contests and owning properties, your way of gaining profit will continue as you advance.
According to European Business Review, “RaceFi” is on its way to establishing a $50 million NFT collection by July 2022. This NFT game makes use of AXS and SLP, which we usually hear from “Axie Infinity.”
At the time of writing, this blockchain game can be downloaded on Android. The goal is simple in this game: collect as many fantasy points to earn a corresponding ETH.
For instance, 205 fantasy points will hand you 0.01 ETH. For car racing enthusiasts, this NFT game is a must-check in 2022. Sooner or later, check the cars’ visuals and their unique features.
Another SOLANA-based NFT game on the list is the multiplayer title “Battle of the Guardians.” If you are excited to play more of the fighting games, this is a clear sign that you need to try this one.
“Battle of the guardians” allows you to fight the most formidable contenders to walk on land. Besides engaging in combat with other players, you can purchase and rent NFTs.
If you are a fan of “Tekken,” “Street Fighter,” and other fighting games, “BOG” should catch you offguard by surprise. Developed in Unreal Engine, the smooth graphics paired with intensive controls will help you land a combo to the opponent.
According to its official site, users can use two okens including the Fighting Points ($FP) and Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS).
In doing so, you can get your favorite characters and weapons by exchanging and trading non-fungible tokens in the marketplace. Make sure to quickly visit the platform as soon as it launches in 2022.
If you want to test worthwhile NFT MMO games before 2021 ends, check this article for more information.
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Written by Joseph Henry
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